Monday, February 2, 2009


I know one of the luckiest men in the world.......He's lucky to have me ....(although he won't admit it ), lucky at door prizes, drawings and this weekend the "Kiwanis Football Pool"! Rod is a member of the Elks Organization. He always volunteers to work at Elks events and has even been chosen "Elk of the Year"a very recognized honor. The Kiwanis Club holds their big Superbowl Party and the Elks Club and Rod of course was part of it. Purchasing a "square" landed him a prize winnings of $3,200.00!!! I could not stinkin believe it! Way to go Rod. I can see us helping the economy by means of the IRS.....as I told Lynne my Generations of Memories Store Manager....the money is in a holding pattern until we see how much moola we owe the IRS. :-) She was hoping for a Scrapbook weekend away!! I like her idea better than the IRS....but the IRS has to come first,Lynne. No IRS....No Job....No money....No Scrapbook weekends. Hope your weekend was as bountiful in one way or another.

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