Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am So sorry I posted on facebook for all my friends and family

to "check out my blog"....I wasn't finished loading all my pictures and work that I had done but thought it looked ok enough to have special people in my life look at it......well it created some very hard feelings and heart breaks....including mine. So here are some digital layouts I had done of my "Precious" little doll baby Olivia, granddaughter...some with mommy and some with daddy.
I hadn't posted them before as they hadn't been sized for the web yet.....Last nite at midnite after getting home from a long ....and I do mean long business dinner....I read my daughters dis-heartening email and had to process the layouts and post these.

I just hadn't had a chance to prepare them for web posting. So sorry, Heather.......had not intentionally meant to hurt anyone especially you.

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