Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Carpe Diem" my new friend "Monika"

I created this page to honor the new friendship that I had made the fall of 2005. I met Monika at the Atlanta Airport a layover we had on our junt to paradise. Two of my friends, Doris and Linda were joining me.

Monika was on her way to Aruba also. Come to find out she went every year alone...alone to have alone time. We clicked right from the start.

She now joins us every fall for our annual trip to Aruba. Aruba just wouldn't be Aruba without Monika. Carpe Diem my new friend. Love you!

The little file folder tag holds some journaling and tiny photo. "Carpe Diem" has a special meaning to us....It all leads back to another vacation photo that I have not posted yet. I will tell you about it when I post that layout. ...... remember to "Savor the moment....take the picture....share the picture...scrapbook the picture.....then re-live the memories. :-)

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